As you may have noticed by now, I L-O-V-E food and jump at the chance to try somewhere new. When I read that a new restaurant was opening serving pan-Asian inspired plates and offering 50% off the food for its soft launch, I was there!

100Hoxton is located, well as the name suggests, in Hoxton but on the street where the market takes place. It is a little off the beaten track from the well-trodden streets of Hoxton Square/Shoreditch so not one you will stumble across.

Although if you are in Hoxton it is worth taking a stroll down this street. There are some awesome pubs like the Howl at the Moon, and other food places to try such as The Ginger Pig Cafe, which is on my “food” list and is meant to be fab.

I dragged my lovely friend Leigh (young, straight and single ladies) along with me to sample the food…

The place is cool. Lots of white-washed concrete, glass and open space means it is light, airy and looks like a very hip café. I’ve just read that they are planning on changing the windows so they completely open to give that inside/outside feel.

We dived straight in with cocktails. I went for the Mango & Passion Fruit Caprioska. It was a muggy day and nothing is more refreshing (well maybe watermelon) than a passion fruit and mango combo. I drank it a bit too quickly. I think it could have done with a touch more vodka and a touch less ice as it did taste ‘watery’ very quickly (or maybe I am just an alcoholic!)

The menu is split into cute sections:-

From the Sea

On Land

Bits & Bobs

Out of the Garden

On recommendation from our host we ordered one from each section, and two from the meat one as we are both MASSIVE carnivores. I could have had all three meat dishes but we were told the Duck was particularly good and decided on the spiced Quail for something a bit different.

The Flat Bread with tamarind and onion was brought out first. I hadn’t noticed the “coriander” as part of it on the menu (I HATE coriander) but we both just picked this off and my taste buds were thankfully saved.

We then had the Chilli Prawns. They came with aioli and black pepper & lime. I appreciated the thought of a finger bowl for an obviously messy dish. Yet again it was another tasty plate. The prawns were ‘meaty’ (is that the right term when describing fish?) and  flavoured well.

Now the Duck… tender and pink with an Asian coating and an interesting beer-infused sauce. Our host was right, the duck was sublime. And I don’t use that word lightly.

The sauces and accompaniments that came with each dish were a lovely fusion of East meets West. I think that is their aim and they are on the mark.

The Pea Fritter was good. Maybe a bit dry for my liking but again the blend of ingredients did play together nicely.

The Quail was interesting. I don’t remember ever having it before but it was good to try. Deep-fried in a light batter, it was kind of fatty but moist.

Five plates was just the right amount. All the food tasted fresh and created by someone who clearly appreciates Asian cuisine, as all the flavour combinations worked together really well.

Our bill came to around £50 with two beers, two cocktails and five dishes but this was at 50% off the plates. It could work out quite expensive paying full price as is always the case with sharing plates. You find you always need to order quite a few dishes to make it a meal.

While 100Hoxton would not necessarily be my choice of restaurant for a meal out, I could see myself meeting mates here, having a couple (or a lot) of cocktails and sharing a few of the dishes as a light bite before our night began!

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4 comments on “100Hoxton

  1. Teffy on said:

    I definitely need to try this place! Feel like I don’t get enough pan-asian in my life really.. this food all looks amazing! I’ve also never been to ginger pig, but it’s on the list!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    • Red Hot Londoner on said:

      I love Asian food! It was really nicely done. I know, Ginger Pig has been on my list for a while! Far too many places to try in London but that’s why I love it! x

  2. Rebecca-Thiswomansstyle on said:

    Omg this place loos incredible!! Your pictures are making my mouth water, asian cuisine is one of my favourites! xx

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